Your Rights As A Consumer

As in our employment practice, we work hard to maximize a client's consumer rights under all applicable federal and state laws. These legal protections apply to many different types of consumer transactions, including false advertising, abusive debt collection and fraud.

Unlike products liability lawsuits, notably, consumer claims do not seek compensation for personal injuries caused by defective products. Rather, a consumer rights plaintiff seeks compensation and/or injunctive relief against fraudulent or unlawful commercial practices, including the restitution of any damaged property.

Taking A Stand Against Consumer Fraud

In our 25 years of experience, we have stood up many times to corporate America. We have represented clients harmed by an array of unfair or deceptive actions done in the name of increasing sales. Examples of unlawful actions include:

  • Abusive debt collection activities in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Harassing telephone solicitations in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • Fraudulent transactions in violation of the California Consumers Legal Remedies Act

California's Consumers Legal Remedies Act, in particular, protects against many forms of unfair or deceptive actions intended to increase sales. Fraud may take many forms such as misrepresenting a product's source, passing off a reconditioned product as new, advertising a product without having adequate supply in stock, misrepresenting that a repair is needed, concealing a defect or many other fraudulent behaviors.

Class Actions And Consumer Law

Finally, if the harm you suffered is similar to many other consumers' experience, we may also evaluate your claim as a potential class action. In our experience, auto defect claims may be suited to class actions, perhaps where a distributor concealed a defect that presented a safety issue. For example, we have successfully sued Nissan and BMW in class action cases and won many large settlements for our clients.

Contact A Consumer Law Attorney

If you are unsure of rights after purchasing or leasing a product, responding to an advertisement, or entering into a transaction with a vendor or business, we are here to help. Call our Woodland Hills office at 818-924-3103, or complete our online contact form to set up your free initial consultation.