Class Actions

When you come to our employment and consumer law firm, you can take peace of mind in the breadth of our litigation experience. We represent not only individual employees and consumers, but also entire groups in class action lawsuits.

In a class action lawsuit, a class of plaintiffs seeks certification to sue a common defendant as a group. Class actions are a common vehicle for both consumer fraud and unlawful employment practices. We have brought several landmark cases in both areas. Our Results page speaks for itself.

Bringing Class Actions Under Consumer Laws

If the harm you suffered is similar to many other consumers' experience, we may evaluate your claim as a potential class action. In our experience, auto defect claims are one example of a consumer law claim well-suited to class actions, perhaps where a distributor concealed a defect that presented a safety issue. For example, we have successfully sued Nissan and BMW in class action cases and won many large settlements for our clients.

Holding Employers Accountable With Class Action Lawsuits

In employment matters, we take the time to listen to your story. We will also investigate your workplace, utilizing the full extent of civil discovery techniques. If we discover that the same illegal behavior has harmed other, similarly situated employees, we may recommend a class action lawsuit. In fact, we have obtained several class action victories involving wage and hour disputes, arising from workers denied overtime pay or wrongful classifications as independent contractors, rather than employees.

Contact An Experienced Class Actions Attorney

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